Mold Assessment Services

Mold assessment and remediation has quickly become one of the most publicized indoor environmental issues over the past decade. The effects of mold on employee moral and productivity has been greatly publicized, and, in many cases, presented with conflicting responses. PENTA’s team of Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP’s) participate in continuing education to remain on top of industry standards and technology in assessing and mitigating mold growth.

Mold growth occurs in areas where excess moisture (humidity or active water leaks) finds favorable environments, opportunity, and a food source. Finding and repairing the moisture source is key in preventing the return of mold, once remediation efforts have been completed. Our team of IEP’s, Scientists, Structural, and Civil engineers are well versed in evaluating potential sources of mold growth and in developing design repairs to solve the moisture problems.

Preliminary Determination and Assessment (The Mold Survey)– Response to water intrusion is the primary factor in preventing mold growth or minimizing areas that require environmental clean-up. When contacted by clients, PENTA responds quickly to evaluate potential areas of concern, whether mold is suspected in response to an indoor air quality/odor complaint, flooding event, or visible evidence of suspect mold growth has been observed. Depending on the actual situation, our assessment may include any or all of the following:

Defining the Remediation Protocol – After the extent of mold growth and the mold-contaminated areas have been documented, PENTA can provide a remediation protocol to define the scope of remediation work and minimum engineering controls to be used by the selected mold remediation contractor. Our remediation protocols generally require compliance with the following:

Contractor Selection and Monitoring – PENTA can assist clients in selecting a qualified, experienced mold remediation contractor to execute the remediation protocol. PENTA can further assist clients with performance of worksite observations during the remediation process to monitor contractor compliance to the remediation protocol and document the presence of additional mold growth on surfaces exposed during the removal process.

Post Remediation Verification – Upon completion of the remediation efforts, PENTA can collect air and bulk samples for analysis to document concentrations of mold spores remaining in the air or on surfaces following the contractor’s work efforts, prior to the subject area being re-occupied.

Our professional team of engineers and scientists is dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual client and can tailor a scope of services to meet those needs.




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