Lead Consulting Services

PENTA Engineering Group, Inc. (PENTA) provides clients with a wide range of lead consulting services. Our staff is well trained and accredited to provide these services to our clients. PENTA’s objective is to understand a facility’s condition, evaluate concerns, and develop a strategy with the owner/manager to mitigate those concerns and produce a cost-effective solution to fit Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, and Governmental Institutions.

PENTA’s services include, but are not limited to, the following:

If lead is present in the workplace in any quantity, the Employer is required to make an Initial Determination of whether any employee's exposure to lead exceeds the Action Level (30 ug/m3 averaged over an 8-hour day). Employee exposure is that exposure which would occur if the employee were not using a respirator. This Initial Determination requires the Employer to monitor workers' exposures unless he or she has objective data which can demonstrate conclusively that no employee will be exposed to lead in excess of the action level. Where objective data is used in lieu of actual monitoring, the Employer must establish and maintain an accurate record, documenting its relevancy in assessing exposure levels for current job conditions.

PENTA’s trained staff can assist clients in performing employee exposure monitoring to document employees exposure to lead. Performing a Negative Initial Determination (NID) allows the employer to reduce the engineering controls required during certain tasks involving disturbance to lead-containing paint coatings, thereby reducing overall project costs.

Our professional team of engineers is dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual client and can tailor a scope of services to meet those needs.

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