Building Envelope Consulting Services

Exterior Building Components are extremely vulnerable to the quality of construction and to the environment. PENTA’s staff of engineers and professional’s are experienced in the evaluation and repair design of virtually all exterior building component systems including roofs, and various types of facades. PENTA routinely provides cost effective consulting to building owners and managers that are experiencing water intrusion from the façade or roofing membranes. We have developed programs to assist clients in life-extending maintenance plans and repair procedures, as well as periodic evaluations of various building components.

Our service lines include:

Façade Evaluations – PENTA provides clients with evaluations of virtually all types of exterior building cladding. Façade evaluations may be performed by rappel, staging, or interior or ground observations, depending on the specific situations.

Types of building cladding evaluated:

Roof Evaluations – PENTA provides clients with evaluations of virtually all types of roofing systems.

Evaluations include the following:

Water Infiltration Evaluations – PENTA provides clients with the following types of services to document potential sources of water infiltration through the building envelope:

Water Spray Testing

  • Abbreviated, source specific spray testing
  • Water Spray Testing in accordance with ASTM Standard E1105 and AAMA 501.2-03

Moisture Meter Measurements

Evaluation of surface water flow/drainage characteristics

Augering/excavation of foundations and subsurface walls


Design – PENTA can develop work procedures and/or Specifications for repairing or replacement of materials found to be defective during the evaluation of the building envelope.

Our professional team of engineers is dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual client and can tailor a scope of services to meet those needs.



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