Asbestos Consulting Services

PENTA Engineering Group, Inc. (PENTA) provides clients with a wide range of asbestos and lead consulting services. Our staff is well trained and accredited to provide these services to our clients. PENTA’s objective is to understand a facility’s condition, evaluate concerns, and develop a strategy with the owner/manager to mitigate those concerns and produce a cost-effective solution to fit Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, and Governmental Institutions.

PENTA’s services include, but are not limited to, the following:

PENTA offers the following types of air sampling options for our clients:

Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM)

  • PCM microscopy provides a fast turn-around to document representative airborne fiber concentrations in an area. This type of air sampling is not specific for asbestos dust, but identifies the total particulate load (asbestos fibers and other fibers).
  • Our RPRs have successfully completed the NIOSH 582 course and can analyze PCM air samples onsite
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
  • TEM microscopy is specific for asbestos fibers and is performed offsite by a NVLAP accredited, third party laboratory.
  • TEM clearance sampling is required by EPA AHERA in schools (Grades K through 12), the Georgia Board of Regents in State colleges and university campuses, and by certain states outside of Georgia

Contamination Assessments - PENTA’s professionals have experience in evaluating potential asbestos contamination in areas following a suspected fiber release episode. Following the evaluation, PENTA can assist clients in development and implementation of an appropriate, cost effective response action. Some of the environmental sampling performed during contamination evaluation includes the following:

Our professional team of engineers is dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual client and can tailor a scope of services to meet those needs.

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